What to expect from your newborn session

So, you booked your newborn session and now your little one is here! You may be wondering what to expect from your newborn session? Here is basic information about how I like to work with sweet newborns.

1. We will be shooting in the room with the most available natural light so if we are shooting in your home, please make sure that room is as clear and clean as possible. My backdrop stand and equipment will take up a bit of space. I don’t mind doing some light furniture moving when necessary. [If we are doing this session in my space, I will have the stand and some of the backdrops already ready to go.]

 2. If the session will be at your home, please have that room warmed up as much as possible  (think, like 80 degrees). I will bring along a space heater, but it still helps to start warming up before I arrive. If the session is in my space, expect it to be toasty!!

3. I will have a heating pad and white noise machine to help make baby feel comfortable and cozy while we work.

4. It’s a good idea to have a pacifier available (this is true even if you aren’t using a pacifier normally- sometimes as they are waking, puting that paci in just for a minute will lull them back into a good deep slumber).

5. I will have you try to feed baby when I arrive/you arrive (while I am finishing setting up for our session). This way, they will hopefully fall blissfully asleep when we begin.

6. Baby should be only in a diaper while being fed, that way we do not have to disrupt him/her with too much undressing.

7. Have all items that you are interested in using  available/out and ready for me to sort through right away:  baskets, blankets, hats, headbands, etc.

8. Similarly, please have a list (at least a mental one) of what specific shots you are most interested in getting from our session.

9. If we will be in your home, make sure nursery is nice and tidy, in case we decide we want to do photos in there.

10. If you would like to be in images with your baby, make sure to look nice and wear colors that compliment your setting.  I suggest beautiful light colors for a soft and gentle look, or black to stand out from light backdrops. Keep it simple. We want the focus to be on you and your new little love.

11. I don’t always have an assistant available so I may need help. It would be great if Dad (or another helper- Grandma, Auntie, etc.) is around if Mom isn’t fully recovered – I don’t want Mom to be working too hard.

12. Be prepared for explosions of all kinds.  Poop, pee and spit up may go flying or spraying on anything around. Don’t feel bad if this happens on my stuff… its part of the expereince. Let’s have burp cloths, wipes and clean up stuff out and ready! I will be prepared for this possibility.

13. I will be setting aside several hours of time for your session (up to 4 hrs, as needed). Please leave your schedule open for the duration. I ask that you not have visitors popping in during this time/ other distractions. I completely understand that family members want to snuggle the sweet new baby, but it makes it harder to capture those images that we both want to get.

14. Be prepared for this to take a while. As previously mentioned, newborn sessions can take anywhere from 1.5 hrs to 4 hrs, just depending on how sleepy the baby is and how easy they are to pose. Many babies need to stop and be fed or changed a couple times during the session… and that’s okay! Don’t feel bad if you need to take a break to eat, feed baby, etc.

15. Get ready to LOVE your baby even more, watching them sleep is such a beautiful thing. However, don’t be surprised if it takes them a good while to get into “baby model mode.”  They aren’t used to being handled this much! You may even think, “They aren’t usually like this.”  Well, they aren’t usually picked up every few minutes and posed on props either. 😉 Eventually they get tuckered out and they don’t notice all the work they are doing.

16. Get excited! You can bet I am. I love newborn sessions. Who wouldn’t love a perfect new little person? I am looking forward to meeting yours. 🙂

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