Songs of Life ~ Forever Young

This month for our Songs of Life blog circle we used the theme (and song) “Forever Young.” To listen to a version of this song while you view the images, click here.

Elayna has seemed so big to me lately.. so much a new version of herself. I think it has to do with time, the age she is entering (she will be SIX this weekend!), and how different she looks. She has never looked like she does right now, with this little pixie haircut and no baby left in her. While I love each new age, and am obviously SO thankful for every stage with her, it sometimes makes me sad how big she is. How mature she seems. How her very interests have changed. That is one of the reasons why  the moment that I shot for this song was so special for me.

A beautiful, amazing, strong friend of mine…. who’s own little girl had cancer and became an angel within a couple weeks of our own diagnosis… sent me home one day with a special gift she had purchased for Elayna. When she opened it she gasped and said “I can’t believe I have a REAL PRINCESS DRESS!!” I helped her get it on (with accessories of course) and then showed her what she looked like in a mirror that I set in the living room. She was overjoyed and so adorable… and for this time I got to see her little girl self again. Once she was done admiring herself in the mirror (seriously, that first picture is when she sees it… how perfect is that?!) we played princesses all afternoon. It was exactly what I needed on that particular day. A wonderful gift for the both of us.

I realized that day that Elayna will be “Forever Young” to me… these are the moments that I will remember as she grows. These are the memories that will last. She will always be my little girl… no matter how much she changes and how much she grows.

Forever Young-1Forever Young-3Forever Young-4Forever Young-7Forever Young-8Forever Young-9Forever Young-10To see another photographer’s take on the song “Forever Young” head over to Kelly Gifford’s blog by clicking here.

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